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Options and Costs

How We Create Personalised Virtual Reality Living Memorials

Choose your Virtual Reality Living Memorials options on this page. Here you can learn how we create affordable interactive living memorial experiences. We use digital photos, images and videos as components in each project. This means you can use either your own photos, images and videos or ask us to create the content.

We aim to provide the best value immersive and interactive living memorial. As a result, you can experience our premium virtual reality living memorials on computers, tablets, smartphones and virtual reality headsets. We completely personalise these premium experiences with your choice of content. Try the Jepson Digital Dynasty for an example of such an online experience.

We also offer a budget virtual reality interactive experience for VR headsets only. This option also uses your own photos and videos on a virtual reality platform called Alcove VR. Consequently, once we have set this up, you can add your own new images and videos.

We have listed the components, options and costs below :-

The Group Photo Living Memorial Option

Living memorials invariably contain a group photo. This group photo shows the special people involved in your living memory. Examples include wedding photos, team photos or school photos. This normally means using one of your existing photos to identify the people you shared then memory with. If you send us a group photo, we can include this at the beginning of the living memorial e.g. on the Launch Page

We charge £10 for each group photograph. You can see examples of 2 group photos used in this way at Birmingham University AFC Reunion. These example of team photos were shot 50 years apart which is a good way to trigger living memories.

We use 360 degree panoramic pictures and videos in our interactive virtual reality living memorials. Consequently, we need to either use one of our existing images to locate your living memory or create one for you. If you have a 360 degree camera such as the Ricoh Theta Z1, you can create your own gallery panorama.

Interactive family memories virtual portrait gallery personalised to your own home
Living family memories in your own home

The Gallery Panorama is the place where you locate your living memories. It could be a room in your house like the one used in the picture above or any special place. The example shown above illustrates how you can position living portraits around the walls.

Gallery Panoramas cost £100 to set up if you supply the panoramic image or use one from our library. Alternatively, we can arrange to shoot a panorama in a place of your choice for £100 plus expenses incurred.

Launch Page Options

The Launch Page uses photos or a video to introduce your living memorial. Because the introduction sets the scene, you should use photos and videos that capture the essence of the living memory. The Launch Page costs £50 to set up plus the costs of any photos or videos.

Again, you can use your own group photo (£10) or video (£20) or you can commission us to do this for you. We can provide you with a quotation for doing this.

Living Portrait Options

Living Portraits contain moving videos of the person
Family Living Portraits

Fans of “Harry Potter” films will be familiar with the living portraits at Hogwarts. We use the same special effects to create living portraits of your family, friends and acquaintances. Consequently you can include living portraits around your gallery panorama. You can either send us short video clips to create living portraits or we can capture them for you. This means we can record Zoom interviews to create impressive black and white or colour living portraits.

Each living portrait in your interactive living memorial costs £50 to create whether from your clips or created by us. Each Zoom interview to capture the living memorial option costs an additional £25. This means you could include a living portrait gallery like the one above for 4 x £50 = £200 plus 4 x £25 = £100 making a total of £300.

These costs include creating the black and white living portraits and positioning them in your panorama. Additionally, you have the option of showing an enlarged colour living portrait activated when the portrait is clicked. You can see how this works in the “Jepson Digital Dynasty” demonstration. We charge £25 for each activated living portrait in the interactive gallery.

The Magic Family Tree Option

Family trees, organisation charts and team sheets are a great way to organise your interactive living memory. The “Magic Family Tree” option creates a graphic representation which only appears when you hover over it. If you supply or give us access to good digital photos (e.g. via facebook or email), we can build this magic tree for you. In this case, we would charge £50 plus £5 for each photograph. The Jepson Family Dynasty example would cost £50 plus 13 x £5, making a total of £115 to incorporate the tree.

The magic family tree can also link to the colour living portraits or video features described next. We charge £5 for each link we create plus the costs of the living portrait or video feature.

The Video Feature Option

The Jepson Digital Dynasty demonstration is an example of an interactive living memorial with featured videos. We have created links to 2 different types of featured video – a living portrait video and 360 degree panoramic videos.

You can see an example of a linked colour living portrait by clicking on the portrait of Eric Jepson. We have linked a series of other 360 degree videos to living portraits (Click on Guy Baxter) and the TV screen in the panorama gallery. We charge £5 for each link plus the cost of the video feature (£20 for your videos or £100 for videos we create for you)

The Jepson Digital Dynasty example has 10 different video feature hotspots which would cost (10 x £5 plus 10 x £20) – a total of £250

Calculating the Total Cost

The Jepson Digital Dynasty option is an example of a personalised family interactive living memorial. We have created this example to show you what you get for your money. In this case, the costs are made up as follows :-

  • A group family photo on the launch page – £10
  • A launch page with a custom video – £70
  • An existing 360 degree panorama gallery photo – £100
  • 7 living black and white portraits – £350
  • 4 Zoom interviews – £100
  • Magic Family Tree with 13 members – £115
  • 10 Hotspot links to feature videos or living portraits – £50
  • 4 feature videos (3 existing plus 1 created) – £160

Total cost of this demonstrator example equals £955

Accessing your Interactive Living Memorial

We can organise hosting your virtual reality living memorial on the internet with either a public web link or a password protected link. We can also supply you with all the files to arrange your own hosting. Additionally we can also supply you with either a Windows or Apple Mac program you can send to your family and friends.

If you wish us to host the experience for you, there will be additional charges we can discuss with you

Contact us to learn more.