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360in360 Living Memorials Digital Legacy and Digital Heritage Services

We can create a personalised digital legacy or digital heritage experience for every occasion and budget. Because we know that special memories are priceless, we work hard to provide value for money. On this page you will find details of each of our service levels. You can use this to decide which options and costs are best for you. Every situation requires a different approach. So choose a service level to suit you and contact us for a discussion or demonstration.

Living Memorials Gold Service

Our premium gold service allows you to personalise every aspect. From an initial consultation to the creation of your content, we help you every step of the way. Consequently, the gold service is most appropriate for those situations and occasions you can plan ahead for. Examples of digital legacy situations where the gold service offers best value include weddings, christenings, funerals, memorial services, special events and reunions.

Virtual Reality Bringing Memories to Life

One situation where a gold service is best is the Digital Dynasty scenario. Here a family can capture precious memories of an ageing family member and incorporate them in a living portrait gallery. Digital dynasty experiences use the latest technology to capture high quality panoramic images and videos and combine them with family photos and videos.

Another gold service situation for digital heritage involves special events such as steam rallies and annual events. Creating a digital legacy for these situations preserves the memory for future generations. However, it can also be used to promote future events. For example, the Great Central Heritage Steam Railway organise many events like this.

Our digital legacy gold service is also good for reunions of family, friends, team mates or fellow workers. We can help with the organisation of physical, virtual and even hybrid reunions. Such reunions combine the best of face to face meetings and Zoom get togethers.

After an initial free consultation, we charge a rate of only £80 per hour plus any travel costs. In this way, we can work closely with you to agree a fixed budget. Our options and costs page will give you an idea of what is possible.

Living Memorial Silver Service

Our living memorials silver service makes more use of your content. Consequently, you get the same brilliant digital heritage experiences at a lower cost. This means that you provide access to the photos and videos you already have. Consequently, we have less work to do for the same results.

The BUAFC Reunion demonstration is a typical example of a silver service digital legacy. This interactive experience uses a mixture of old photos and existing panoramic pictures. Consequently, we are able to add living video portraits through online meetings using Zoom. By doing this, we can reduce the costs and time taken. The silver service requires less work to collect content but the end results are excellent.

Any additional work outside our options and costs is charged at £80 per hour plus incurred expenses.

Living Memorial Bronze Service

For people who want to create their own digital legacy, we can offer a range of solutions :-

Consultancy and Training

We can help you create your own digital heritage experience. Consequently, you can save money whilst learning new skills. Therefore, you get the best of both worlds. This means that you can build a digital legacy using your own equipment and content. The initial consultation is FREE. Subsequently, we charge £80 per hour for training you and providing advice.

Alcove VR Digital Legacy

Alcove VR is a great way to create a virtual reality digital heritage. With Alcove VR, you can customise you own digital legacy with you own photos and videos. As a result, you have total control. This means you can use us to set up your experience and afterwards add and/or change your content.

Contact us for free demonstrations and initial consultation