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About Living Memorials

Bringing Special Memories Back to Life

What do you know about using immersive technologies to create virtual reality living memorials? How important are your memories of special people, places and events? Do you ever wish you could travel back in time and relive those cherished moments?

Living Memorials of Childhood Days brought to life by Virtual Reality

When I was growing up, I used to love stories such as those my grandparents told about family wartime experiences . At primary school, we had a teacher who used to read stories to us about “The Famous Five” and “Biggles”. Because of these stories, I still remember her name today – “Mrs Derbyshire”

I can still recall many childhood events as if they were yesterday. Events such as travelling on steam trains with my grand-parents at weekends to watch football matches in Sheffield, Nottingham and Lincoln. Trips like an evening train journey to see Billy Smarts Circus in Haringey and the wooden escalators on the London Underground.

Our Black and White or Sepia Memories

Some of the snapshots of life events were captured on grainy black and white photographs. Because of these faded images and different sounds, music and smells, I am transported back in time. I long to share these experiences of this bygone age with future generations. I would love them to experience what my world of the 1950s and 1960s was like. We can help you create your personal digital heritage in many different ways.

Immersive Technologies and Virtual Reality Living Memorials

In my lifetime, I have seen unbelievable developments in technology. Today, you can capture and share special moments with anyone at any time and anywhere. For example, with social media and digital communications technologies we can create and share our digital heritage in virtual reality. By doing this we can enrich our life events for ourselves, our families and future generations .

Our services go well beyond digital photographs or online videos on social media. Now we can virtually relive those experiences as if we were actually there. For example, take a look at the 360in360 Immersive Experiences web site.

Types of Virtual Reality Living Memorials

There are many examples of digital heritage on this web site. You can browse and even try some examples. Here you can find examples of living memorials for family, holidays, school days, special events and your nostalgia.

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